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Can you imagine a sleepover with all your best friends wrapped up in blankets, talking late into the night? Sounds cozy, right? Now put that scene under cafe lights, add good wine, donuts, the presence of God, a bon fire, and Greek food and you have a sense of how the Lavish Dinner went.

When I got up to speak I was positive I would be sooo nervous. I had shoved 2 donuts in my mouth earlier in the night to comfort my nerves (and because they’re delicious, ya know?). But when I got up to speak, a wave of thankfulness came over me. All I felt was warmth, friendship, and safety in the air. I had built the structure for the event for weeks and you ladies filled it with soul. Thank you so much for letting me share such vulnerable parts of my story with you. It was an honor.

Looking back on these photos fills me in a way I can’t quite express. So much has changed in the last 5 weeks–I’ve moved to Utah, quit my job, and started to pursue working from home full time. It’s easy to lose confidence in all the transition. Lavish Community was just a dream I talked to God about for a long time. But these photos show me how much support I have as I jump into this dream with both feet and remind me that this is all God-breathed and for His glory.

I launched my first online course, Soulful Abundance at the dinner as well. It starts June 30th and the Early Bird pricing is available until the 23rd! To read more about it click here (I just updated the information page)!

I also want to shout out Aeron Brown for coming out and creating an amazing live painting during the event. We have it hanging in our home now and it brings me so much peace and hope–it’s a young girl getting lavished and showered in the love of God– so anointed!

Who wants to come to a retreat for Lavish Community in Park City, Utah soon? Hmm…

One step at a time, my lovely friends.

Enjoy the rest of the photos, I love you.