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Hey friends–

I wasn’t planning on posting a blog today because my week feels crazy busy. However, the Holy Spirit really put this on my heart. I believe there is someone(s) that needs this today. I wrote this poem in one of the most heart-wrenching seasons of my life. It felt like vomiting out my pain on the page, letting all the darkness out, and believing, believing, believing the HIS LOVE was the victor, HIS LOVE was bigger, HIS LOVE was the winner. If you need this today, let me pray for you:

Jesus, my Friend, my King, my Beloved One, my Heart–I know what it is to have the waves of hardship crash over me one after the next after the next.To not be able to catch my breath, to forget which way is up and which is down, to forget why life is worth living. I know what it is to live without hope. I remember standing in the hallway at my lowest moment, and having your voice catch me in that threshold, “Am I enough? Is my love enough? Am I enough of a reason to live?” I paused, breathless at the weight in the question. I let it sink into my body, were you? Were you enough of a reason to go on, in the midst of this trial? And then the answer poured out of my lungs like breath, “yes, yes, yes, you are more than enough, you are all I need, you are my everything, you are my life.” And nothing has been the same since your love won that battle in me. Life still stings, but we are victorious, my Friend. So Jesus, today I pray for my friends reading this who feel the weight of it all, who are wounded, slashed, drowning, angry, sad, lonely, overwhelmed, guilty, shamed, unloved. I pray you’d bring them to the light as you brought me to the light. I pray you’d hold their hands and remind them that your love is bigger than every wound, every word, every hurt, every betrayal, every disappointment. Your love is bigger, it is bigger, it is bigger. Would you use these words, this video, this time to open the door to their hearts and shed your love and light and HOPE into all the places that are dark and dry and lifeless? Would you overwhelm each one with your reckless love for them?

Oh you precious son or daughter, God sees you–you know the way you’ve always wanted someone to look at you? A mom or dad or grandparent or spouse…like they’re so proud to be yours, love you so deeply, and feel grateful to be your family? Those are His eyes for you right now. No matter where you’re at or what you’re feeling, or what you’re wearing, or what you’ve done to deserve it…nothing can change the look in His eyes toward you, Precious One. Oh how He loves you. May these words be salve for your soul, may they allow light to enter dark places, may you walk away knowing that HIS LOVE IS VICTORIOUS in your life. It’s bigger than you can ever imagine.

Lord, don’t just bless them with survival, bless them with pressed-down, shaken-together, overflowing, abundant, beautiful┬áLIFE. You win, God, you win.

In Jesus’ holy and precious name, amen.amen.amen.