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Welcome to Lavish Community, friends, I’m so glad you’re here!

I made this video because I wanted to share my heart with you face-to-face. I’m crazy awkward on camera, drinking a glass of wine to calm down, have a wrinkly shirt on, and left a bit of a blooper reel on the end for you because today isn’t the launch of a fancy new platform. Today is the launch of a sisterhood, a safe place to be ourselves, be vulnerable, and pursue freedom together. I created Lavish to form a family of women who don’t just want the outer signs of success, but the deep, rich, soulful wells that create a markedly different and exquisite life. Who want to be books in a world of magazines. Who want to ask the hard questions, climb the mountains, and pursue Jesus together. So enjoy my silly, messy, heartfelt message and I hope to see you around here often, beautiful!