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do you know that feeling?

The one that you’re not quite being your true self? Or that you’re on auto-pilot just a little too often? For me, it was always  imagining  what my life would be like once I had the courage to be myself.

Most of us feel some disconnect between who we present ourselves as and who we are in our souls.

For a large portion of my life I longed to wake up brave enough to enter my days with wonder and awe, to love extravagantly and freely in my relationships, and to have the confidence to take risks in pursual of my dreams.

Honestly, though? That felt totally out of reach.


See, I am doing a new

thing! Now it springs

up; do you not

perceive it? I am

making a way in the

wilderness and

streams in the


Isaiah 43:19

God offered me something better and with all my brave i said, ‘yes.’

During a really, really difficult season I didn’t have the energy to hold up a facade or hide anymore. I felt raw and vulnerable before the Lord. In the midst of my pain- He invited me to pursue the freedom I’d always longed for. To bravely face my insecurities, shame, hurt, wounds, and shine His healing light into the dark, dusty corners of my life. When His unconditional love covered my darkness I began to experience the kind of fullness I thought was so out of reach. I began to stand tall with a new bravery, confidence, and joy as a beloved daughter of the King.

If your soul is whispering: I long for the courage to be my fullest self. I long to rest in the knowledge that I’m enough and walk in my identity as a daughter of the King- this course was built for you. This journey won’t require work but it will require movement. We each have a lifetime of hurts, lies, insecurities, facades, and harsh words spoken over us that block us from fully being ourselves. When we bring our lies into His light we’ll find a freedom, confidence, and rest we’ve only dreamed of.

The process sounds a little scary, but we’ll go on the journey together and grow closer to the unique abundant life He created us for with every step.

Who is the Lavish woman?

The Plan

This is an on-demand course and you can take it at your own pace

Soulful Abundance is a journey from fear, insecurity, and lack to freedom, bravery, and abundance. There are 4 sessions designed to adapt to your unique story. In each section you’ll read an introduction passage and watch a short video. You’ll engage the material by praying through several questions with the Lord, engaging your soul through a creative activity, and reflecting over a journal prompt.

(If this is a journey you’d like to go on with the support of a sisterhood, then we would love for you to join us. If you feel this is a journey you’d rather take with a professional counselor we support your brave decision and are praying for you. Whatever path you choose, I hope it takes you closer to freedom and abundance in His love.)

One last thing: If you register for this course you will be joining a sacred sisterhood of women who call out the gold in one another and pray without ceasing for each other. Signing up for the course is your commitment to honor this sisterhood, no exceptions.

So what are you waiting for?