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Welcome to the second week of #SoulCareTuesday- this week’s focus is on returning to our First Love through worship.

In late August I asked one of my best friends for prayer, later that day she sent me a worship song the Lord had put on her heart for me and it became my anthem. I started playing it again and again–some days I’d kneel down and praise and some I’d dance around the room celebrating the victory I knew He had for me. It began to align my attitudes, thoughts, and actions with the Holy Spirit.

I committed to worship every day in September. I usually read my bible, pray, and journal everyday but honestly worship had been something allocated to a church building for the last couple years. It was challenging at first to dive into this new discipline but it has changed everything. My awareness of God’s presence, my reliance on Him, and my peace have all skyrocketed. He alone is SO worthy of our worship–dive in this week and praise the King!

Here are the songs I’ve been going to this month–they’re in no way exhaustive, just what my heart has been drawn to lately.

Lord, may you use this #SoulCareTuesday to reach the hearts of your kids. May our hearts return to our first love. May we be in awe of Your glory and might. May we praise you with all that we are. May we know that You are the One that fights our battles. May we FEEL the victory you have for us come ushering in as we sing. May we trust like never before. You are so good, so worthy, so beautiful, so majestic, so amazing, so loving, so faithful and we choose to spend our lives worshipping you–and if our praises still run dry than we’ll sing again 100 billion times. In Jesus’ name, meet us Lord, amen.